About Me

Susie has a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.  Her research focuses on media and religion in America. Her dissertation,”Presents of God: The Marketing of the American Prosperity Gospel,” analyzes the marketing of prosperity gospel pastors and churches, and how they are successfully attracting thousands of people with their message of victory, hope, health, and wealth.  During her graduate school tenure, she produced the documentary, The Revolving Door Faith Club, in which she and her friends practiced five different religions in as many months in their quest to understand what it means to be religious and spiritual in America today.

Despite Susie’s academic interests, she just can’t shake her love for media, and now hosts CBS Play.it podcast, The BrainCandy Podcast, with her MTV co-star, Sarah Rice. Their show is “candy for your left brain and your right brain, ” and features lively discussions on everything from quantum physics to pop culture.

Susie’s podcast inspired her TEDx Talk, where she discusses how anyone can (and should!) pursue creative outlets using the things already at their disposal. You can watch it here.

Susie is working on a book for RothCo Press called Being Jesus on the experiences of actors who have played the iconic character. Her work has also been featured in the Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Salon, and Maniac Magazine. For ghostwriting or consulting services please email susie@susiemeister.com

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Adam, and their son Lincoln.  Even though life is pretty great, the best day of her life is and will always be when she sang on stage with the Beach Boys. You can connect with Susie on FacebookGoogle+, Instagram, and Twitter