Candace Cameron Bure: Full House Star, Speaker, and Author

You can preorder  Candace Cameron Bure’s new book, Balancing it All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose here–available on January 1, 2014!

When I begin preparing for interviews my goal is to avoid the ten questions the person is constantly asked. For this interview, that meant avoiding pretty much all “Full House” questions.  I did address the rumors of a “Full House” remake/reunion though. I was happy, however, to have the conversation to focus on Candace’s faith and how she navigates the tricky worlds of fame and faith successfully.  The beginning of the interview has been lost to the ether due probably to my ineptitude at sound equipment, but the interview picks up with Cameron talking about how role as wife, mother, and actress and how she manages to make it all look easy.  She is down-to-earth and gracious, and it’s easy to see why she’s one of America’s sweethearts.  Visit her blog at and follow her on Twitter @candacecbure.  Don’t forget to watch her Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Let it Snow, on November 30 at 8pm!


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  1. Jackie

    Loved this interview. It was nice to hear something different in an interview from Candace since I’ve been following her a while through Twitter. Great questions Susie.

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