Jamie DeWolf: Great-Grandson of Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology is one of the most controversial religions of the day. While shrouded in secrecy and often embroiled in scandal, it is also the religion of choice for some of Hollywood’s most successful stars.  In this interview, Jamie DeWolf describes what it is like growing up in the shadow of his great-grandfather, L Ron Hubbard, and the religion he founded.  Despite his genetic relationship to the religion, DeWolf is an outspoken critic of the religion.  He acknowledges that he inherited some of the traits that made his great-grandfather rich and famous, but he channels them into a creative and uplifting outlet instead of what he sees as a corrupt religion.  Visit his website here to see some of his poetry and performances. Below is a clip of his performance where he describes his great-grandfather and family history amidst Scientology.  Listen to the interview below the video.



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    Great podcast! But am I going to get followed now for writing this?

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